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12 Apr 2018

7 Ways Immigration Consultants Can Help Your Visa Process

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7 ways immigration consultants can help your visa process

Visa process is not that simple as it seems to be at first place because of higher risks of loss in case of any mistake. Obtaining a visa have become a challenging task due to increased security and hard immigration policy, however an immigration consultant makes things much easier for you. An Immigration consultant is a person or an agency that has solid expertise in visa process and immigration matters and applies your visa after preparing a solid visa application with all necessary documents attached.

People often ask why an immigration consultant is needed while they can apply visa on their own? And the proper answer is because immigration consultant saves you from the risk of being rejected under unintentional the falsification or missing documents. Immigration consultants really do help in getting a visa and handle the headache of attaching all the necessary documents along with the application. Here are described 7 ways an immigration consultant can help your visa process with.

1) Guiding and discussion: Immigration consultants are experts who know how to apply for the visa of which country. An Immigration consultant guides you to decide which type of visa you should apply for. In detailed discussion he unveils the visa procedure of each country, types of visas a country is offering and then provides you with a detailed information about the country’s immigration policies. He also provides extensive information about his fees as well.

2) Pre Assessment of case: Pre assessment of case is an important step that people often ignore. In pre assessment, the profile of the applicant is checked to know which visa type fits best on his profile and what things and skills are needed to be improved by the applicant to fulfill the requirements of that country’s visa policy. Pre Assessment determines the strength of an applicant’s case.

3) Resume Setting: Setting up your resume or CV is quite easy but having through analysis of resume or CV requires some expertise in resume analysis. An Immigration consultant polishes your resume and provides you with expert opinion.

4) Document Assistance and Consultancy: Preparing and filing for a visa doesn’t need a visa application form only. Almost every country’s visa application form requires attachment of document along the form while applying for the visa. Documents are really important to make your visa application file alive and authentic. Such documents may include IELTS, TOFEL, Medical Certificates, Insurance documents and Bank statements etc.

5) Visa Application: Filling in visa application form becomes easier and error free when an immigration consultant assists you and aware you of possible visa interview questions and embassy questioning.

6) After Visa guidance: That’s not it, after you get you visa, immigration consultant may help you to arrange a hotel, air ticket or guidance about the lifestyle of that country so that you never find it difficult to adjust with the culture and environment of that country.

7) Case analysis in case of rejection or refusal: In case if you have been refused or rejected by embassy before and intending to apply again, immigration consultant can help you by checking your visa application file and pinpointing all the stuff which is missing or messing in the visa file.

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