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About AVH


Australian Visa Hub is a wholly owned international company of the highly respected Australian legal firm: Jason A. Briggs Lawyers situated in the heart of the city of Melbourne.

As a registered Australian Migration Agent and Member of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MAR No. 1796181), we take tremendous pride in assisting people from all over the world to work, study or live in Australia. And enjoy the finest world class opportunities our large country has to offer in terms of: education, technology, employment as well as having one of the highest living standards; the envy of most of the world.

We receive immense satisfaction in not only helping eligible people to come to our country but offer ongoing support as well; to ensure the transition from your country to ours is a relatively smooth one.

As well as providing general legal and consultancy advice, we offer our clients many ongoing support services such as linking with: Recruitment Companies, Education Institutions, Employment Providers, Banking Services, Property Matters as well as English Classes to name just a few.

Australian Visa hub Intl firm by Jason A. Briggs lawyer