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26 Oct 2018

Applying for Investment Visa to Australia – 8 Points which you must take care of while preparing your Project Details.

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8 Points Checklist to Ensure with Your Business and Project Details While Applying for Investment Visa to Australia.

Australia is a highly developed country with a lot of investment opportunities. The country is the world’s twelfth largest economy and has the world’s fifth highest per capita income.

The country’s thriving economy is based on:

  • Tourism: Australia is a very beautiful country and its rare indigenous animals like the koala and kangaroo, as well as a lot of other tourist attraction centres make a lot of people troop into Australia as tourists.

  • Export: Australia is very rich in iron-ore, wheat, gold and wool, which they export to other countries.

  • Education: Australia has a very good and advanced educational system which attract people around the world. Studying in Australia is like a dream come through for students, therefore the influx of foreign students generates a lot of income for the country.

  • Financial Services Industries: These favourable economic conditions attract a lot of people around the world who want to invest in Australia. The government of Australia is very much aware of this investment interest and to encourage this, they offer different types of investment based visas for people around the world who are interested in doing business in Australia.

Investment Visa allows you to:

  • Own and manage a business in Australia;
  • Undertake entrepreneurial activities in Australia;
  • Conduct business and investment activities in Australia;
  • Move in and out of Australia and bring your family with you;
  • Apply for permanent residency.

Investment visas are for people who have a project they want to undertake when they move to Australia, so if you are thinking of getting this type of visa, you have to consider some points as you prepare your project details.

The following are eight points that you need to consider while preparing your project details for an investment visa:

  1. Business experience: You must have the right number of years of experience in owning, managing and operating a business. This shows the Australian government that you have what it takes to make sure your business doesn’t crumble as soon as you start it in Australia.

  2. You must be nominated by a recognized and eligible government organization.

  3. Length of Stay: The length of stay for Australian investor visa is four years and six months. This is something you might need to consider as you make your plans.

  4. For the investor stream, you must have at least AUD 1.5 million to invest.

  5. For the significant investor stream, you must have at least AUD 5 million to invest.

  6. For the Premium investor stream, you must have at least AUD 15 million to invest.

  7. You must be able to score 60 points or more in the point based test where general attributes like, educational qualifications, nominated occupation, business experience, spouse skills, and occupations, and English language proficiency will be assessed.

  8. The investment visa is available only to people who are 55 years or older.

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