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16 Mar 2018

Australian Visa Applicants! It’s Time to Re-Evaluate Your Expenses!

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From time to time prices change, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection warn you on their specifications that the cost of your visa depends on the time when they receive your application. As an applicant, it is important that you keep in mind all the factors to avoid troubles because between the time that you lodge your application and the time that the Department receives your request there may be a change in the costs charged and will be mandatory for you to pay the exact amount.

Also, the visa application charge is paid in Australian dollars (AUD) and must be paid for any visa application. However, it depends on the case, and sometimes this charge can be null. In the page of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection of Australia, you can find a pricing estimator for precise calculations. Nevertheless, the prices of visas in Australia are variated defined by the type of visa and what you plan to do during your stay in the country.

The types of Australian visas are variated and they can be divided into five classes: visit, study, work, life and others, at the same time each type of visa is subdivided depending on what you are going to do, how long you will stay and your age.

Visas for visiting are subdivided into five kinds: Tourism and business, working holiday, retirements, medical treatments and transiting through Australia. The cost of these visas can vary depending on each one. They can go from 140$ to 1020$ AUD, also they can incur additional charges depending on whether you are under 18 or above 18. One important fact is that if you are going to stay more than 72 hours in the country you must apply for a different kind of visa.

Student visas are the most requested ones and these can be categorized into student visa, training, temporary activities sponsorship and graduate. Its costs are elevated, going from 280$ to 1500$ AUD, although there are some clauses that establish exceptions for special programs or additional charges because of your age.

Work visas are based principally on skills and they can be temporary or permanent. Likewise, its costs go from 280$ to 8580$ AUD (with some exceptions). Also, this visa can be solicited because of special migrations or nominations.

Last of it, living visas. This category has a lot of conditions, exceptions and additional charges depending on the number of family members. Its costs can go from 185$ to 7000$ AUD and the cases for the application can be special migration, retirement, returning residents, New Zealand residents, and partner, child, parent or families migration.

Other Australian visas that can be solicited include diplomatic/border visas, humanitarian programs, protection, confirmatory, bridging, Norfolk Island residents or ImmiCards (verification or status). In every case, you need to stay updated of base application charges prices, if you are going to need a Migration Agent or not and what type of visa fits better to your needs and your budget to guarantee an exceptional experience inside Australia.

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