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26 Apr 2018

Guidelines to Apply for Skilled Immigration Visa

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Guidelines to apply for Skilled Immigration Visa

Australia is one of the leading economically stable and prosperous countries on this planet. Australia is generally a large country and world’s largest continent, Island and a single state with a plenty of natural resources. Australia is considered to be world’s most prosperous country due to a robust system and intelligent use of its resources. It attracts immigrants from all over the world to enjoy Australian life style. Australia offers wide range of immigration programs and offers a golden opportunity to talented and hardworking people to prove their worth and enjoy quality lifestyle and thrive in Australian system.

Skilled Immigration visa category is a special program offered by Australian Immigration and Citizenship department in order to get skilled people and people belonging to the occupations that are high in demand from all over the world. Under skilled immigrant category skilled immigrant worker get permanent residency of Australia. In Skilled Immigration visa the applicant has to earn at least 60 points gathered by fulfilling different requirements.

Basic Requirements:

  • Applicant must be under 45 years of age at the age of invitation.
  • Applicant must be able to speak competent level of English to survive in the Australia.
  • Must have a relevant occupation.

How to apply:

1) All of the first you must submit Expression Of Interest(EOI) via the SkillSelect along the details about your occupation. Skille Select is an online service that helps the Australia to manage the Skilled Immigration program, indicate the region based skill shortages in Australia and help government to get skilled migrants on the bases of the economic need of the Australia.

2) To Submit Expression Of Interest you must go to and Login with the SkillSelect.

3) You will have to obtain 60 points which are based on different requirements about your profile. You can check Australian points calculator by visiting

4) You can be in or outside of the Australia while applying for Expression Of Interest.

5) There is no cost of applying for the EOI.

6) SkillSelect will have a thorough analysis to check if your occupation is from one of those in the list of eligible skilled occupations. You can see the list of eligible skilled occupations by visiting the

7) SkillSelect compares your profile with other applicants and if your rank higher than others on the basis of your qualification, SkillSlect sends an invitation to you.

8) Once you receive the invitation, you must have to apply for the Skilled Immigration visa within 60 days. This visa is a permanent Australian visa which allows you to:

  • Stay in Australia Indefinitely
  • Work in Australia
  • Study in Australia
  • Enroll in medical care and other health care related schemes offered by Australia
  • Sponsor your eligible relatives to join you in Australia and apply for permanent residency.
  • Travel to and from the Australia for five years.
  • Apply for the Australian citizenship if you fulfill citizenship eligibility requirements.

9) Once you get visa you are free to travel to Australia and enjoy its world class and luxurious lifestyle.

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