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14 Sep 2018

State Importance of PR status For Extention of Your Work Permit in Australia

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State Importance of PR status For Extention of Your Work Permit in Australia

Australia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Everyone wants to visit it once and the best part is that it has beautiful beaches. Some not only want to visit it but they want to stay and live and that is why they have tried to follow the rules. You see, in order to enter Australia you need a visa and to live there you need a Permanent Resident visa.

If you already went through all this and you already have at least your work visa, you have already overcome the most difficult. But even so, the time has come for the extension of your visa and here many factors influence. It can be said that you must go through the same eligibility process as you did at the beginning.

Good relations with Australia

In order for you to request an extension of your work permit, you must be in good standing with the Australian government. That means that you must be up to date with any tax payments you must make and also not have any late transit fines.

On the other hand, if you want your PR Status to be maintained, you must continue working there in Australia. You see, the reason why I granted you your job was because you were doing a job in Australia. That is, you had a job in a company or you were doing business in the country.

And now that you must renew this work visa, you must continue to work within Australia in a stable manner. Otherwise, you will not be eligible for renewal. So try to keep your job or start your own job so that your work visa can be approved.

Be an exemplary citizen

While you are in Australia you must stay outside the law. Do not break any rules and try to do crazy things that can get you in trouble. Try to be an exemplary citizen.

The work visa will be granted faster than you think if you maintain a good behavior. You must do exactly what you said you were going to do when you arrived in Australia.

It’s okay to have some fun, but all within the limits of the law. This advice goes so that everything for those young people who have a work visa in Australia. Since that is what tends to get into trouble. As long as everything is legal, do not be afraid to have fun in Australia.

Finally, the work visa in Australia goes hand in hand with the PR Status since this is where all this paperwork begins. Whether you need to renew it or you are applying for it for the first time, Australia will check all your work visa.

So if everything is in order, you will surely pass the controls that these government agencies apply. PR Status is something very delicate that you must maintain since it is very difficult to achieve it. If you already have it, take care of it and try to contribute to Australian society as much as you can.

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