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9 Mar 2018

Travel Visa Application to Australia Made easy!!!

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It is important to have an Australian visa in order to enter Australia unless you are an Australian international ID holder or qualifying New Zealand travel passport holder. For instance, in the event that you are heading out to Australia on vacation, you will require a travel or visitor visa. You can apply online for a quick ETA Tourist Visa for tourism trips up to three months. On the off chance that you are flying out to Australia on business, you can acquire an ETA Business Visa.

Travel visa instructions:

It is now very easy to apply for a travel visa to Australia. All you need to do is:

  • Fill the whole Online ETA Visa Application.
  • Enter all your travel data and details of passport
  • After paying the fees, your application will be processed quickly and will be linked to the number of your passport your visa number
  • Your ETA status will get confirmed via email inside a couple of minutes.

In case that you are a resident of any of the 33 qualified nations, an ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) replaces the need to apply for a visa stamp or label.

Applying for ETA:

In order to apply for ETA you need to provide all your identification details, the international ID details of any other person that is travelling with you and a current MasterCard, UK Maestro, Visa Debit/Credit/Electron card or American Express card. To apply for an ETA (Visitor), you should be outside Australia and hold a travel permit issued by an ETA-qualified nation or area. You should apply for your ETA with the international ID number/passport number and the passport of the person with whom you will be visiting Australia. This is an important condition to get the tourist visa to Australia.

The processing time of ETA visa:

In 90% of cases your ETA visa will be conceded consequently. When you provide all details the processing will start instantly and a notification of visa grant will be received within few seconds. However, the time may be increased if:

  • You have submitted wrong data in your application;
  • Your application has alluded to the Australian High Commission.
  • You have criminal convictions

Referrals are uncommon and they just happen if a man is important to the Australian migration specialist. Your ETA visa enables you to make your first /initial entry into Australia no later than one year from the day of grant. An ETA visa is substantial for just 12 months.

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